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Midway Medical Center Receives Award for Clinical Excellence

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RECOGNIZED FOR CLINICAL EXCELLENCE – Dr Mark E. Kinter accepted quality care award on behalf of Midway Medical Center. Midway Medical Center received the highest quality care measures of any practice in western NC.

For the second year in a row, Midway Medical Center received the top award from United Healthcare for clinical excellence. The award recognizes Midway Medical’s successes in enhancing patients’ health and wellness, and has again, achieved the highest measure of rating among any physician practice in Western North Carolina.

Patients participating in the Medicare Advantage plan are part of a specialized quality care program. This program has 15 essential requirements that include: high blood pressure intervention, diabetes control, preventive screening care, and encouraging patients to adopt or maintain healthy lifestyles to improve their overall health.

United Healthcare noted that Midway Medical strives to provide excellent support through cooperation and communication among patients, staff members, and physicians. From the moment a patient calls the office or comes through the doors of Midway, all staff members utilize their knowledge and talents to ensure the best possible health care and experience.   

“It’s an honor to be acknowledged for our hard work and dedication to our patients. Our focus is to constantly improve ourselves so we can help to improve the lives of our patients,” said Midway physician Mark Kinter, MD.  “We are encouraged to know our patients are working to make improvements to their lifestyles and choosing healthier options.”

Midway Medical Center is open seven days a week, with extended evening hours Monday through Thursday. For more information, visit or call the Clyde office at 627-2211, or the Canton office at 646-0080.