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“Midway Medical has been providing compassionate, holistic care to the residents and staff of Silver Bluff Village for over 50 years. We feel very lucky to have such a qualified group of physicians caring for our residents and staff.”

Lisa Leatherwood

“I started working at Midway Medical Center when it opened in June of 1959. I was never thinking I would still be here fifty five years later. I feel blessed that I have been part of this practice for so long. I have worked with a great group of caring and compassionate doctors and staff who have served this community well over the years. It is very fulfilling to serve three and four generations of families in the community.”

Gail Green, CMA (AAMA)

“I have been a patient of Midway Medical Center for 25 years. Scheduling, having lab work done, or checking in for an appointment is done by compassionate friendly staff. There is always a doctor on call for same day appointments and weekends which has been a service I have taken advantage of many times and greatly appreciated. Dr. Freeman and her staff have always provided exceptional care and are always there when I need them. One example of their dedication was this past winter when I came down with the flu and was able to stay out of the hospital with the help of Dr. Freeman, the on call doctors and nurses who worked very hard to get me well. Knowing that they were there for me makes me feel truly blessed. I am truly grateful to Dr. Freeman and the staff at Midway Medical and would like to say “thank you” for the many dedicated years you have been taking care of myself and my family.”

Sherry Cutshaw