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The Final Two Midway Star Award Recipients Have Been Revealed!

Congratulations to both Kayla Kolp and Tammy Smith, the most recent and final recipients of the Midway Star Award. The Midway Star award was created almost two years ago to highlight and reward Midway Medical employees that demonstrate the core values of Midway Medical Center, such as the teamwork and caring for coworkers, that is so central to Midway’s unique culture.  Winners receive a star pin, certificate, and a gift card to Ingles.



The Midway Star Award is now being retired. Congratulations to Kayla and Tammy, who both were selected by their coworkers to receive the last award.

Kalya’s coworkers had the following words to say:

  • “Makes me laugh and gets my day started with sunshine”
  • “Is always willing to offer a smile and friendly face”
  • “Truly doesn’t mind helping, always cheerful, even in the morning”
  • “Is fun to work with”

Tammy’s coworkers said she:

  • “Goes above and beyond to be helpful and friendly”
  • “Kindly answers questions even if they are ridiculous”
  • “Helps patients even if they are not hers”
  • “Is funny, can make anyone laugh”

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that helps make our office so cohesive and beautiful and brings sunshine to our lives.